Thursday, July 19, 2012

LO$† CHILD (part two).

I wasn't sure how to edit these photos until 5 hours ago. It took me almost 2 weeks to think of how to edit the set but just nearly 30 mins to edit and complete. In this part of Lost Child set, Jeff played a punky vampire and I think he pulled it off very well. He was a bit shy at first but I think he got it eventually. This set Lost Child was my first time styling. I've bought these fake teeth, punk-not-dead flag, skull bandanas from ebay and this awesome vintage denim jacket was from a charity store in Liverpool. If you look closely, you will find the bony wand of Lord Voldemort, which I got from the Daily Telegraph's Harry Potter collection a while ago. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

LO$† CHILD (part one).

Another DIY photoshoot which I did two days ago with my mate, Jeff. The location was Rookwood cemetery. We practically could not explore the whole place because it is truly massive (the largest cemetery in southern hemisphere). We were climbing and jumping up and down others' graves (with no intention of being disrespectful). It was an overcast, foggy and chilly day. Despite the odd weather, we had fun! Above is part one of Lost Child. I am in the process of editing part two, so stay tuned. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Street Style #001: Haylee.

This is my first street style post. The sweet girl in the above photo is Haylee. I love how effortlessly and comfortably she looks. Thanks for letting me take photos of you.