Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not The End.

renata from autumn lust.

When you're standing on the cross-roads.
That you cannot comprehend.
Just remember that death is not the end.
...not the end.

jeff form lost child.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Vanishing Elephant Womenswear Collection

This August sees the release of the first VE womenswear collection, as it begins to hit stores for Spring/Summer.Featuring custom rose embroidery, jacquard aztecs and subtle animal prints amongst printed chinos, chambray poplins, oversized parkas and a simple black silk shirt dress, the line has hints of femininity while maintaining traditional VE boyish charm.Leather brogues and desert boots mirror the shapes of mens footwear, but with softer detailing and floral lining.Classic aesthetics for everyday wear with a modern twist. Below are my personal favourites.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

OUT&ABOUT #002: winter 2012.

the highlights of my winter are probably seeing florence and the machine, having diy photoshoots with my so-called-model mates and visiting melbourne for the 1st time. i hate to admit the fact that melbourne is better than sydney in terms of fashion, food, culture and public transport. that doesnt mean my love for sydney has become less. i still love this crowded and expensive city for what it is.

from the station where i often take my train.

kim, yen and me @chapel street, melbourne.

melbourne's tram electric lines. 

spotted this lovely store in melbourne. 

long, me and yen on a melbourne's tram.

hanging with anna before florence + the machine's show.

spotted this girl @townhall.

just another pic of lily.

skater boys outside melbourne museum.

school girls in uniform inside the museum.

an aged man.

i am obsessed with this haunting window from the museum.

street saxophone artist. 

from napoleon's exhibition. 

another piece of art from the museum that i am in love with.

kate in our garage.

kate on our desk. 

reecha @lane cove park

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Melbourne 'disposable'.

few snapshots i took with the polaroid disposable cameras while in Melbourne a few weeks ago.