Wednesday, September 19, 2012

wolftress: a few test shots.

Last saturday was a beautiful day. It was beautiful not just because the weather was awesome but also I got to shoot my very first lookbook for an upcoming fashion brand called "wolftress". They rang me up on friday's night and asked if I could help shooting the lookbook and I just immediately said yes ( I think because I had been insanely shoot-hungry for so long since my last personal project). Then we talked over the phone for 15 mins discussing the concept. I went to bed at 10 pm having visual hallucinations about the concept. I could not put myself to sleep until midnight then at 4 am my phone alarmed and I woke up, got dressed and got ready for the shoot. I set the alarm in my phone again for 40mins because I knew I would fall asleep while in the train. It was freezing cold as soon as I stepped outside Circular Quay. Then met the crew and it was extremely awkward. Anyway my hands are tired now and I will tell you more about the story in my next post. Here are just some of my favourite shots. I will post more photos asa the wolftress-pack gives me the permission to do so. 

designers of wolftress: jessie helyar & kartika putra
stylist: alex saba
hmua: rebecca dennis
model: sheena brown
photography by me (tri phan)