Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Venus as a Boy part iii

A month ago, I've got to test with this guy Wade from Vision LA during my trip in the States. Wade was originally from South Africa, and now resides and studies in LA. Wade has appeared in teen Vogue and modeled for various big brands including Skechers, Target and notably CocaCola Italy. Wade is super cool, friendly and fun to work with. Here are some photos that I shot with him at my rented apartment in North Hollywood. 

face: Wade Poezyn 
all photographs taken by and copyright of Tri Phan, please credit when used.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Venus as a Boy: Short Film

 a short film I made from the footage recorded during the shoot with my friend Ricardo a few months back. 

face: Ricardo
styling, art direction and photography by Tri Phan
all photographs taken by and copyright of Tri Phan, please credit when used.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

One year in fashion photography.

Today marks my one year in the journey of exploring fashion photography. I have seen and learnt many things (both good and bad) about the fashion world through the year..

A year ago, I managed to save enough money to buy my first professional DSLR camera. After watching Pretty Baby by Louise Malle, I was inspired and decided to pick up fashion photography as a hobby, a way to escape reality.

I chose fashion photography due to my belief that it is the only branch of photography that gives you the most opportunity to use your imagination and create a fantasy. At the same time, it also allows me to see a reflection of myself in my work; the way I express myself through somebody else. I always aim to photograph the synergy between my objects and the surroundings. I felt that fashion appealed to be in the beginning as a way to start with good looking subjects. My fashion subjects are mostly models or people whose faces attracted my attention. But as attractive or interesting as they looked, oftentimes, they just aren't all interesting people".

Today’s fashion is a very superficial world to be in. So I started to ask myself should I continue follow fashion photography? Why don’t I just take snaps of ordinary people and objects? I am realising more and more that I don't want to be an observer. I want to be a creator. Still I don’t feel fulfilling with this industry. The photographer I know said to me something that I really feel related to "no matter how much I love my work, it's not going to love me back". How am I going to make a difference? Should I just let myself be in it or should I just stay outside the circle and stay stubborn with my own ideas?

some of many special moments that I captured during shootings

chris being wild

ricardo showing off his bleeding ankle, modelling can sometime be very risky 

this girl is fabulous 

jessica - jane birkin's clone