Sunday, June 23, 2013

Venus as a Boy part iv

face: Dean Bartlett 
all photographs taken by and copyright of Tri Phan, please credit when used.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


I shot with Emma on the same day with Marissa. Emma is a lovely school girl from the beautiful Blue Mountain. She drove one and a half hour to see us in Liv's apartment in Double Bay. We chatted for a little bit. She told us her mum was a model too. That's how we know where she got her good genes from. I wish we could take more pictures of Emma in different outfits but unfortunately she didn't bring any clothes except for what she wore on the day.

face: Emma
hair & makeup: Liv
all photographs taken by and copyright of Tri Phan, please credit when used.

Monday, June 10, 2013

First American trip: the road and the kids

walk of fame
We left Sydney around 2pm on a beautiful autumn day. It was 3 days after my photoshoot with Dylan. I spent most time during the flight editing photos and reading Little Bird by Anaïs Nin. Once landed in LAX, my uncle picked us up who I haven't seen in 10 years. I met my beloved grandparents and my wonderful little cousins who I had never met before. We had dinners together, talking about our life in the past few years, listening to each other's stories. cracking jokes then laughing together. I spent the next two weeks road tripping with my uncle and his family. We drove to Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Santa Cruz, Hearst Castle and many other wonderful places in between. The last two week, I wanted to fly to NYC but then I decided not to. Instead, I spent my time test shooting few models from agencies in LA, reading and wandering around the hills of Hollywood. Here are some belated but beloved pictures from the trip. 

leaving Sydney

arriving LAX

on the way to Las Vegas
road tripping

cousins, Sarah and Mary


the Grand Canyon

Las Vegas




driving into dusk

shooting a maternity shoot for cousin at Corona Del Mar  beach
Ethan and Evans
Captain America

street artist

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


It gets colder and colder lately in Sydney. I am sitting in my room wanting to write a post about how terribly cold I feel. Then I realise how shit I am with words so I decide to post some pictures instead, hopefully will warm up this icy atmosphere. Last weekend, I got to test shoot with this beautiful young girl Marissa. We were wondering around Liv's apartment in Double Bay finding interesting spots to shoot. It was a cold and windy day. As we finished the shoot, it started to rain but luckily we got some good pictures. Marissa just turned 17. Though being a model for about a year now, she told us her dream is to become a business woman. For that, Marissa currently studies really hard for her HSC this year. She was so nice and lovely to work with. Good luck with your studies, Marissa.

face: Marissa
hair & makeup: Liv
all photographs taken by and copyright of Tri Phan, please credit when used.