Thursday, July 11, 2013


I feel lucky to be surrounded by good-hearted people. A few months ago, I spotted Ricardo at a coffee shop while having lunch after a shoot for Wolftress. Ricardo was just an ordinary Brazilian bloke who worked as a water at the shop we were at. Enchanted by his masculine beauty, a triathlon athlete with a sunny disposition, Ric's yellow eyes and ethnically ambiguous vibe captures my attention immediately. I asked if he wanted to model for me and he agreed. And that is how the story of Venus as A Boy was created. Now, with a loving heart and passion for triathlon, Ric and a friend of his are travelling around the world, in 4 stages, on bicycles, in aid of the charity Upside Nepal. Their journey will take us across Europe, United States, New Zealand and Asia, a total of over 20,000km. I have great respect for these noble men. Please visit and support them here.